the joint birthday party for mark and me was a success! dinner was at karyn’s cooked, a vegan restaurant in the gallery district. i sat next to matt and there was much quoting of ‘spaceballs’. eric humored mark and did some “interesting” facial expressions to amuse/disgust/horrify the table, much to mark’s sister Meghan and Alicia’s delight. the food was sooo good, but the service was sooo slow – we were an hour late to the hungry brain. but, stef and trevor and asli and danny had already gotten the party started, so we were able to jump right in. abby came, and i hadn’t seen her in a year or so; lindsay came and actually got conrad to bike up too. i spent most of the time talking to abby and pat and jessie (who got me the special edition of ‘office space’! it includes…a RED STAPLER.).

after all of the wine with dinner (we had 4 bottles) and the free drinks people got me at the bar, i was fairly well-watered by the time i left. i was supposed to go to the cubs game today at 1:30, but i stayed in bed trying to out-sleep my hangover until about 1. i had a great time last night – thanks to everyone who made it out!

[if anyone else has photos from the night, please email me]