today i was waiting for the bus in front of the high school near work when suddenly i heard the all-too-familiar thud of bass drums. soon i could hear the whole drum line practicing their cadence. i was overcome with sentimental feelings about marching band – pretty odd considering that i dreaded marching band and all of the sweatiness and smelliness and aerobicizing it entailed. but still, i could feel my legs automatically trying to get in step and my ears perking up, listening for the whistle commands.

i guess i never realized how good of a time i had in marching band – all of us music warriors, down in the trenches, suffering for our art, trying to look our best, make our movements snappy or fluid as need be, spending hours circling that black-top student parking lot practicing the perfect barn-door turn and learning to mark time properly. heh. i guess there were actually some pretty exciting/fun/interesting parts, like a bunch of hormonal teenagers changing clothes together in a cramped bus, playing cards and trading cds and those long night-time bus rides [insert eyebrow raise here]. i do believe it was on a band trip that i took that incriminating picture of brandon making out. nothing like flash photography on a pitch-dark bus to scare an adolescent on the make.