um, so there are some pies and desserts here at work. FREE dessert y’all! so i decided to be adventurous and have some of the pie that no one knew what it was. except that i’m eating it and i still don’t know what it is. it’s sort of…brown. there isn’t stuff in it, it’s all mixed together. it’s like a brown cake with a thick brown gelatinous layer between it and the crust… uh…it’s not real fruity or sweet…in fact it smells savory…there is a light crumbly flour-y topping on it…what the hell is this??

update: this pie has a weird aftertaste.

update update: upon talking about where to eat in san francisco this weekend:

kara: or, man wendy’s does sound good. like, it sounds good RIGHT NOW

eric: it’s pretty close

kara: because i am HUNGRY

eric: hehe, sorry about that

kara: that pie must’ve been makeyoumorehungry pie

eric: maybe it was faux bacon and real marijuana

kara: lol

eric: bacon-flavored marijuana