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matt, jocelyn & mark t-shirts for sale!
stocked bar and t-shirts on display roasted veggie skewers

i took a few photos at the office holiday party. most of them came out kinda blurry because i didn’t bother to reset the iso, but whatevs! the party was great – a lot of people came, there was an insane amount of food and drink and i think everyone had a good time.

re: cecile’s halloween costume (a pasty)…

andrew: i was expecting a tasteful and invisible doily…

cecile: this was made from white gaff tape, construction paper and glitter.

the catering is here, the lights and garland are strung, the music is turned up and the t-shirts are stocked. hooray for the holiday party!

eric: what’s the name of that paper your parents get?

eric: ‘the argonaut’?

kara: ha!!

kara: no…’the ARGUS’!

what's up there?

i’m caught up – all photos posted to flickr! i am the champion!

the above photo is from my trip this past weekend to oakland. also posted are the photos from my aunt’s birthday/impromptu family reunion. there’s an awesome photo of a banister in that set and a photo of a tree that looks like a bear in the oakland set.

you know, at the time, buying chocolate raspberry flavored scharffen berger ganache for lips seemed like a good idea. a nice lip balm change of pace for the holidays. it’s made from scharffen berger dark chocolate, raspberry extract and very little else. the problem?

it’s made from scharffen berger dark chocolate, raspberry extract and very little else.

it smells amazing. it makes me hungry. it makes me hungry for chocolate. expensive chocolate. but the only chocolate in my apartment is some hershey’s kisses remaindered from halloween. not exactly the good stuff.

i don’t know what i was thinking. next time i’ll just go all the way and buy some lip balm that tastes like gyoza or bacon.

holding hands

see all of the photos from October’s trip all over california here, finally, for the love of god. now i have to process photos from my aunt’s birthday and the trip i took to CA this past weekend (which was great btw. too bad the weather in chicago did not make me happy to be back). please enjoy these lovely photos from the monterey bay aquarium, including the one above of starfish trying to hold hands! super cute!

old tanks

all of the alcatraz pics are up from the trip to california that i took uh…almost two months ago…yeah. anyway, only a handful of pics left, then i have to go through all of the photos since then, and all the photos i’ll inevitably take in sf this weekend. enjoy the alcatraz pics though, and that beautiful bay sunset.

this morning i spent about half an hour getting everyone in the office on ichat/im/[insert your preferred client here]. now we can use the ‘current itunes track’ function in ichat to show everyone in the office what’s playing on the stereo so we (meaning “i”) don’t have to yell out, “hey, who is this??” every 5 minutes.

idea thrown out before deciding on ichat: buying a big scrolling billboard sign and hanging it above the stereo. write custom interface program to send current tracks in real-time to the scrolling sign from the pc. would be cool if i could get it to work, but i’ve no idea how to do that. if anyone out there does know how to do that, by all means let me know.

ah, the gods of nerdery are smiling on me today.