today i met lindsay at southport grocery and cafe for breakfast. it was fantastic! i had the house-made cereal, “our own crunchy chai spice bran & corn flakes laced with rice-nut clusters & a side of fresh fruit with vanilla vinaigrette.” it was so good, but really chewy. i was exhausted by the time i was done.

after breakfast lindsay and i met matt downtown to see the chicago river dyed green. it was really green. like, slimer ectoplasm green. and tendrilly. it looked like some sort of nuclear accident! freaky.

lindsay wanted to go to the family farmed expo at the chicago cultural center, so matt and i came too and we looked around the galleries. there were some really cool exhibitions going on and the building itself (the old public library) is really beautiful so i got a lot of (hopefully) good photos. the ceilings are amazing and in the main convention room there is a big mosaic and stained glass dome.

lindsay stayed for the organic farming expo and matt and i walked around michigan avenue for awhile. we went to the apple store and looked at the new mac book pros and the ipod hi-fi. we looked around a few stores but didn’t find anything to throw money at so we walked around until we found a place to eat.

matt had a prior engagement (a friend’s father’s birthday party) so i wandered a little and enjoyed the beautiful weather – 64°! i saw a lot of pretty convertibles and felt a little sad that since eric sold his car, that meant that someone else was probably driving the saab at that very moment, and that someone wasn’t eric and i with the ipod plugged in, zooming around the city while singing loudly.

after matt and i parted ways i went to the office and charlie took an hour break from the omnipresent dvd project so we could finally watch this week’s ‘house’. on tuesday my tivo choked and managed to record an hour of the wrong channel, totally cheating charlie and me out of our well-crafted plan to watch it and the season finale of ‘project runway’ in one night. was the episode worth all the trouble it took to see the damn thing? just barely. the whole episode was basically an hour long safe-sex psa. use condoms! don’t cheat on your spouse! gonorrhea could get you killed in a horrible car accident! etc!

on my way home this evening the temperature was still in the 60s. i walked down the street and enjoyed the warm air and made sure to take a few moments to enjoy my health and happiness, which sounds totally lame, but is true. for tonight: maybe some perplex city or catching up on tv or…probably just lying here and falling asleep early since i got very little sleep last night. i had to get up fairly early to meet lindsay and last night antonio, charlie and i saw ‘the hills have eyes‘ so i didn’t get home until late and i was still anxious about it when i went to bed. oh! that reminds me – aaron, antonio and i went to a meeting in pilsen last night and afterwards we looked around at some artist’s lofts down there. they were so cool! this one guy – a stained glass artist – actually MADE a theremin. he built the circuit board and everything! we all got to try it out. i definitely want to go back for next month’s ‘second fridays’ open house.