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hot crackers, is this guy’s portfolio awesome. you can find it at and it’s the best online portfolio i’ve ever seen. he uses after effects and flash to create a portfolio that is actually interesting and gives the visitor insight into his creative process. in the logos section you rollover the detail images and can see handwritten notes about the logo and it’s development. for each project he includes a video where he explains the entire project and his ideas going into it, its evolution and the final product.

you can also visit his professional site to read his journal and look at past projects he did while in school (most of which became paid projects that you can see on has only been live for a month and has already won several awards, and deservedly so.


eric: man he plays guitar and draws a comic strip too. when does this guy find time to masturbate? or urinate for that matter?! he must have a sketchpad hanging over the toilet!