montrose harbor

this weekend eric was in town so he scheduled that flying lesson i gave him for his birthday. it was cool – we went up in a little single engine cessna and eric got to do the take off and everything! got some photos, but it was pretty hazy on saturday so we’ll see how they actually turned out. yesterday charlie and i went to the botanic garden and saw like 50 bunnies. they were EVERYWHERE and totally not afraid of people. i think i have 10 photos of flowers and 30 photos of bunnies. photos from this weekend, last weekend’s trip to brookfield zoo and the arboretum will hopefully be posted this weekend be posted a month late. sorry.

also this past weekend – jeremy’s going-away bbq, devin’s solo acoustic show, the swindler bros. birthday party, and ‘a scanner darkly’. sadly, no genderqueer fashion show or dawn’s softball game, but there’s always next weekend for that (softball game, not fashion show).