friday night josh threw an impromptu shabbat dinner party for 13 of his friends. we started cooking at about 6 and ate around 9. i peeled and chopped about 10 garlic cloves and my hands still smell garlicky. the food was plentiful, the challah was amazing and i think we we went through an obscene amount of wine and champagne. i crashed at josh’s then got up (relatively) early to go shopping with katie.

geez, antonio got ALL the ladies that night

instructions for the sunglasses at night party – get flossed out. we went to water tower place to buy new outfits – new dresses and jewelry and i got new sunglasses. the party was at lakeview broadcasting company. i borrowed mark’s digital slr so i could take decent photos – once i’ve got them up i’ll put some up here see them on flickr. my memory of what i took photos of is a little, um, hazy…but i know i got a great shot of dawn looking like a badass (dawn: so i look like myself!). kareem took one of me drinking from his 40 and at one point antonio got in the model box and posed with the models which. was. awesome.


today – slept late, watched some tivo and trying to work up the motivation to do anything that involves moving around. cecile is cooking a big dinner tonight for battlestar and i’m making a cake with the leftover frosting from the horchata cupcakes i made for antonio & drew’s birthdays. nothing for the day after is better than apricot roasted pork loin. and sci-fi.