matt took me out to a different part of the forest preserve and we did some stuff in the parking lot then went out on the forest trail. i got a decent distance on my own before the ground got real bumpy (damn horses), i freaked out and fell over. i did manage to avoid the big piles of manure though (damn horses).

man, EVERYONE wants to help out when they see me. but most of the advice is really…uh…not helpful. like, ‘it just takes time!’ or ‘don’t give up!’ the most irritating comment i got was from a man who was in his late 60s. i’m not good at estimating ages. he looked way older than my dad so probably more like 70s? but i guess my uncle is in his 70s but this guy looked older than my uncle…but my uncle is in real good shape i think? i don’t know.

ANYWAY the point is, he said something like ‘i know it’s hard’. do you? DO YOU, guy who said he learned to ride a bike at age 4? do you actually remember how hard it is? I DOUBT IT.