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i feel like i’m real late to this train, but check out 5ives, a blog whose posts are in the form of lists of 5. of note:

  1. 5 snapshots from the day pot ‘took’
  2. 5 hip-hop pseudonyms i’ve considered for myself
  3. 5 groups apart from ‘women & children’ who should get to leave a sinking ship first
  4. 5 things you did while myspace was down
  5. 5 things it’s probably better not to do when you’re kind of drunk


check out magnetosphere, one of robert hodgin’s processing-produced motion graphics pieces.

via josh spear

mom: i think i’ll go over to grandma’s – put a little more dirt in the plant that i repotted for her then bring her home

kara: i have little plants i need to repot

kara: i will bring them home next weekend

mom: ok – i have the violets to repot too

mom: we’ll have a pot party!!

kara: L

kara: O

kara: L

best. show. ever. connecting to the internet with my mind drew me in. the rainicorn made me laugh out loud. petting penguins in mid-air sold me. i hope nickelodeon picks this up! algebraic!

secondary link in case it gets pulled from youtube (again).

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matt took me to harms woods for my first bike-riding lesson. i managed not to break anything, but as expected i have a long way to go…what with having very little balance to begin with and all. the wind was blowing really hard and then it started raining so we kind of had to cut things short. we went to hackney’s afterwards, completely soaked. i feel sort of ill now from being cold and eating too many fried onions, and my calves are all bruised up, but i feel like i actually accomplished something today. or at least, you know, got on the road to eventually accomplishing something someday.