jon: you know what movie was really good from last year? “pandora’s box”. did you guys see that?

kara: hm…no, but it sounds familiar. what was it about?

jon: it was amazing – it was like the best movie last year. it was spanish. really great; you should see it.

pat: yeah, i don’t think i’ve heard of this one.

cecile: who was in it?

jon: ehhh, i can’t think of any of their names. but it was so. good. you have to see this movie.

kara: oh man, i can’t believe i haven’t heard of this. “pandora’s box”…was it like, a retelling of the myth?

jon: no, it was sort of like a fairy tale and it had these amazing special effects. i think it was directed by the guy who did “21 grams”. or cuarón. one of those guys that are all friends with each other.

kara: …wait, guillermo del toro? …”pan’s labyrinth”?

[long silence]

jon: …yeah. that one. …whatever, it was a good movie.