update [wed. 8/15]: we all walked to the mall and there were fake police cars, a swat unit, an ambulance, dogs etc etc – they’re shooting ‘criminal minds’ in burbank this week. they were all over the mall tonight (shooting in front of aldo or thereabouts) and looked like they were set up to shoot in an apartment above a shop on san fernando. /update

tonight clayton, maria, chloe and i walked down to the village in burbank – chloe needed to be walked and maria wanted a bubble tea. as clayton, chloe and i were waiting outside the bubble tea place i noticed a familiar-looking guy walking towards us. did he look the same as in the show? yes, but thinner and wearing better/more normal clothes. also his hair looked thicker? i can’t think of anything else to say about it – i recognized him then immediately did my best to not look at him as he walked by because i didn’t want to stare or be a weirdo.

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…i sort of feel like a tool for posting the myspace link. but hey. i’m trying to be thorough.