today i went to the west hollywood book fair. i sat in on the ‘star trek: the manga‘ panel and had my copy signed by wil wheaton, don hudson, christine boylan and mike wellman. mike noted that my name was ‘kara’ “like starbuck!” which launched us into a whole battlestar galactica – bionic woman – burbank bsg convention discussion. afterwards i bought about $70 worth of comics then saw the ‘fables‘ panel with bill willingham, james jean and matthew sturges. i got the first trade of ‘jack of fables’ and the special golden apple ‘fables’ tshirt signed and also the book fair program guide, which james jean had illustrated. after that i saw ‘readings from banned books’ at the robertson salon. gary dourdan, xander berkeley, sarah clarke, catherine dent and adrean robbins read from various controversial books in a really intimate setting. very cool.