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by way of bryan lee o’malleylook yonder.

from jenny:

today ‘the lake house’ was on cable and i was teary all the way through it. not because of the story (which, admittedly, did make me cry the first time i saw it) but because it made me ache for chicago. the el, the metra, daley plaza, the lake, the architecture, lake shore drive…sigh. i miss my home.

title quote from the arrah and the ferns song ‘tokyo, tokyo’

maria: here clay – pretend to pet me so she’ll get jealous.

today meghan and i had lunch at home in los feliz. home is actually the first place i ever ate in los angeles (when i first visited la with eric a few years ago he took me to home right after he picked me up from the airport) and it was as good as i remembered. we had breakfasty stuff and delicious bloody marys. i’d been craving a bloody mary for – who knows how long. they were really good but not nearly as good as the bloody marys dawn makes.

after lunch we drove to the LA city college for the felt club holiday event (like renegade holiday…but not quite as awesome). there was a lot of cute stuff there – i squeed a little when i saw jordan crane‘s booth and i couldn’t walk by i heart guts without buying a really cute “i’m a liver not a fighter” tshirt. i also got a super-soft tshirt from jamie zollars. there were a lot of other shirts and prints i wanted to get, but i had to pace myself because i also got a really cute recycled-fabric jacket from rebe – the sara sweatshirt in black and pink. it’s super cute and soft and just what i needed for SoCal’s weird seasons. meghan got the maryanne coat in burgundy and it is SO CUTE on her.

i did have to hold myself back from buying bacon-related items (see the imaginary world and the devil and angel bacon tree ornaments from…*wince* i didn’t catch the name of the company). there were also some really awesome paperie goods and paintings. unfortunately nothing caught my eye christmas-present wise. which was supposedly the reason for the excursion. oh well. …did i mention my awesome new jacket?

the piano is gorgeous. the end. maria pointed out that i need to buy a cover for it or something so it stays pretty. thanks again, mom & dad and grandma for the awesomest christmas present ever!!

maria, clayton and i just got home from seeing ‘american gangster’. which was really good. you should see it. will denzel ever not be fantastic?

tomorrow’s the day! my piano arrives! tonight maria and i drove to sherman oaks to walk watson and we hit guitar center on the way back. i got a stand and a bench and i am ready to rock. or – as hard as you can rock when you’re playing beethoven. which…actually – beethoven does rock pretty hard.

we the robots

a new comic! we the robots has a great papery style (for serious – check it out) and…robots! what’s not to love?

also, this is like a snapshot from my life a few years ago. and i’m pleasantly surprised to find that i’m no longer that person.

…except when i have to face friday traffic.