kara: (eats ham from plastic package)

kara: (and it’s delicious)

pat: haha

pat: i thought you had tons of leftover ham!

pat: why from a plastic package?

pat: (also, in my mind, you are holding the plastic package with both hands, biting down on the top and tearing the ham out cartoon style)

kara: all of the leftover ham is in the big pot of awesome split pea soup maria made

pat: ooo

kara: your vision of my ham-eating is pretty close

kara: i have zero table manners when i eat by myself

pat: my vision was more of an idealized fantasy

pat: so i’m glad to hear it

kara: your idealized fantasy of your girlfriend eating is that she does it in the manner of a cartoon animal?

kara: dude, i have to maybe reevaluate things here