today i took my mom and dad to nate ‘n al’s in beverly hills for lunch (corned beef, pastrami, honey smoked turkey). as we were standing near the door waiting for a table i was kind of zoning out (as usual) and when i came to i realized i must’ve been doing the thousand-yard stare in the vicinity of this guy because suddenly our eyes met.

AND IT WAS BRENT SPINER. and inside? i was LOSING MY SHIT. but on the outside – totally casual as if i hadn’t just realized i was standing five paces away from DATA, EVERYONE. DATA! and he’s just, you know, sitting there having lunch with a friend like he’s a normal person and not also DATA.

so i point him (DATA!!!!) out to my mom (being sure to tell her to ‘be cool’) and to my dad as well (me: ‘be cool dad – be cool’; dad: ‘who is this guy again?’). after awhile we’re seated, and our table is around the other side of them and slightly behind so i can finally see who brent spiner (who is taller than i thought) is having lunch with…

AND IT’S MICHAEL DORN. WORF, PEOPLE! – WORF. and can i tell you? he is totally adorable (wireframe glasses!) and totally hot. and tall. and hot. did i mention hot? and my day? MADE.

you have no idea how hard it is not to ditch my parents right now so i can watch some ‘first contact’. seriously, i’m barely holding it together.

update: more trek fun for you – tng for comic relief, original series fun, my favorite episode of reading rainbow aside from the one where levar is sent on a birthday quest.

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