…was monday the 7th, sometime after i got back from wii-purchasing at target. that was the day when someone broke into my car in my building’s garage and stole my super cool expensive alpine stereo. it was the most polite robbery ever: no broken glass, no torn wires, nothing taken except the stereo, my emergency credit card and maria’s costco card. so all in all, it turned out ok. i got my check from the insurance company today and it’ll cover the cost of a similar model (they’re now much less expensive since ipod connectivity and in-unit control is more prevalent) but the downside?

not only did i find out on possibly the worst day of my life since i’ve moved out here (post possibly-hormone-induced verbal diarrhea to a loved one and pre-gyno appointment – ‘just relax.’ yeah. sure.), but i have to commute every day in total silence.

do you know what that’s like? to sit deadlocked in traffic on a 12 lane highway with nothing to while away the time but the sound of the neighboring car’s squeaky fan belt or – seriously this was disturbing – their creaky clutch? it’s terrible. my whole driving experience is a lot more irritating now. i am acutely aware of every time i get cut off or someone doesn’t use their signals. maybe this is the key to preventing road rage – listening to enjoyable music. sure, i sing to myself, but it’s a hollow sort of experience with no backing band or professional singer to bolster my self-confidence. i am however, getting really good at the chorus of ryan adams’ ‘when the stars go blue’. it’s the only part of the song where i know the words (hint: it’s just the title of the song over and over) so i just sing it ad nauseam (my nauseam, let me assure you).