update: photos

it’s cold in san francisco. like, real cold. wasn’t it just unbearably hot here? wha happen’d? when i got to this coffee shop (no free wifi at hotel) i was sweating from hauling my huge work laptop up the hill so i ordered an iced tea. now i’m shivering in my coat, ready to put on my scarf, and giving my iced tea the evil eye. i’m actually considering ordering some coffee just to warm up. me. coffee. *shudder*

why am i in sf? yesterday morning arden invited me along on her trip (she’s doing some training), and since i only need my laptop and an internet connection to work, why not? we left last night (after cameron and i looked at apartments and houses – they were all way better than expected) and got to the hotel at 1am. we’ll be here until wednesday night, and so far – aside from the staggering cold (and really, it’s not even that cold) – it’s pretty great. there are buildings here made from REAL BRICK, how novel. clearly i’ve been away from the midwest for too long.

tonight ian is driving into town from sacramento, picking up eric on the way, and we’re all going to hang out. there are some galleries around here arden and i want to check out, including the sf g1988! they’re having a sale too, so maybe i’ll buy some more art to add to my collection. also? joyriding in ian’s A4. maybe we can have some street races! ian in his A4 versus arden in her TT! ok, DONE. this night is all sewn up.