i liked it. the end.

just kidding. ok it had problems – a couple of times i was taken out of the movie by how ridiculous things were getting or a line that was over the top, but overall? it was a lot of fun. it was non-stop action and i hate that i have to admit this, but i even liked shia labeouf in it (typing that phrase hurt. a lot.). harrison ford looks his age, yes, but he still kicks ass. the set pieces in this movie are insanely cool. the thing with the big staircase? my parents and i were in the stage at warner bros where it was shot, so that was kinda neat.

maria and i saw it by ourselves because for some inexplicable reason, clayton didn’t want to see it. i know – we’re all confused too. how can you NOT want to go see indiana jones? IT’S INDIANA JONES. everyone! you should go see indiana jones! i feel bad for the x-files movie though. indy totally beat it to the punch.

update: watching ‘raiders of the lost ark’ and oh my sweet lord harrison ford is hot. no – he’s hawt.