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…um. this is too weird/good/disturbing to not post. isabella rossellini has written, produced, directed and starred in these green porno shorts and…well. they’re really educational – they show how insects reproduce. uh…graphically. hilariously. …did i mention graphically? the thing is – they’re completely brilliant. the costumes and puppets are really neat. it’s just…well, you’ll see.

firefly is safe for work. the other ones, ESPECIALLY bee and snail are not.

my photo was featured today on laist!

i seem to have a problem

click for notes on the art.

…was awesome! it was so much fun and i must read the ultimates again. also? the incredible hulk? can’t wait.

last night pat and i met meghan and josh for dinner at the crepe vine in pasadena. it’s meghan’s favorite place to eat in that city and an excellent choice – the carnitas flatbread pizza was delicious and the duck confit crepe was one of the best things i’ve ever tasted. pat and i had a great bottle of wine and we all split a nutella-strawberry crepe for dessert. after dinner we went to lucky baldwin’s for some beers then to neomezĂ© for cocktails. on the way back to the car – the best pistachio gelato i’ve ever had. a fantastic night. and tonight? IRON MAN.

my friend chris wrote and starred in this awesome mother’s day video. ladies – he’s single.

just got back from the live screening of ‘this american life’ and it was so so good! the hangman and anagram pre-show animation (that replaced the typical pre-movie trivia slideshow) was funny and clever and the show itself was fantastic. some outtakes and clips were shown from the new season of the showtime tv series version of the show – the chris ware clip was adorable and the segment about the ‘ask an iraqi’ booth was brilliant. and, as pat predicted, i totally have a crush on ira glass now. i can’t wait to see the new season on sunday night!

cecile is a finalist in the dentaburst outshine everyone commercial contest! please vote for her – ‘afternoon random meeting’ – you can vote once a day per browser. we helped matt win the heinz contest and i know we can push cecile to the top too.