…at zuma beach (towards point dume). maria, clayton, clayton’s sister sue and i went to the beach today and he and a group of people had set up camp just a few feet away. he wore a blue square leg speedo and overall looked pretty hot. i think the woman with him was his ex, brooke burns and there were a couple little girls there too, and either were about the right age to be their daughter. it was a neat sighting, because maria and i watch ‘nip/tuck’ and i’ve been aware of him since ‘profiler’ and clayton and i have probably seen the fantastic four movies 20 times by now.

we also saw a pod of dolphins and a little seal that got separated from his/her family. it swam right up to shore and drew a huge crowd of little kids and parents that were doing a bad job of controlling them. we left a little after the seal showed up and i am still terrified that something bad might’ve happened to him.