this past weekend:

  • cameron and i threw our housewarming party on friday. it was pirate themed. lesson learned: when you have two functioning eyes, an eyepatch is not a good idea. i couldn’t find my mouth with my glass and that meant the eyepatch had to go.
  • meghan, her brother ryan and i saw ‘hellboy II’ at the chinese theatre on saturday. chinese theatre: awesome as usual. ‘hellboy II’: visually astounding, screenplay-challenged.
  • sunday morning i got up early (really early – like…5:30) and drove to playa del rey for the 15th annual keep LA running event. clayton’s sister, sue, has been in town and she’s a runner, so she entered the 10k. maria and i walked the 5k. everyone made good time and it was a great morning to be out. plus, i got a lot of free food and drinks at the expo afterwards. i was so inspired, that i decided to enter the bix for the second year in a row. i haven’t been training though, so no way i’ll beat my time from last year.
  • after the 5/10k, we went to the santa monica beach. and i was dumb and didn’t put on sunscreen. i even thought it several times, but did not act. it was extremely stupid and i’ve been paying for it ever since with a terrible sunburn that covers my whole body except my face, bathing suit area, hands and feet. i’m finally not burny anymore, or as red, but in about a week i’ll be peeling everywhere. gross.
  • after the beach, we went to this fantastic restaurant and got wraps and sweet potato fries. unfortunately i can’t remember the name.

tomorrow i leave for a weekend in chicago and then a week in the quad cities. internet access will be scarce, but i’ll be sure to take a lot of photos.