friday night i went to irazu with mark, eric, cecile and lindsay. afterwards we went to the violet hour where jon met up with us. then we went to rainbo and closed it, hit up flash taco and sat in wicker park for awhile.

saturday i got up early and went to brunch with katie and jeanie at lula cafe. we stayed and talked for a long time until we thought they might kick us out. then matt picked me up and we drove to evanston to see ‘wall-e’ which was so cute. we had dinner at cross-rhodes (greek fries!) then a couple drinks at the hopleaf. some of my sorority sisters were having a dinner there so i stayed and hung out with them for awhile. afterwards i went down to old town for a party that one of cecile’s soccer friends was having. josh’s apartment is crazy – it’s huge, there’s an awesome kitchen and the rooftop deck and view is spectacular.

today i got to sleep in! hooray! i went to kuma’s for burgers with cecile, trent, matt and katie. then this afternoon – pitchfork! ahh, delicious abbey pub curry fries. we stayed until the end so i could see spoon then booked it to the furthest south bus stop we could get to, so we could get a seat. and now – early to bed so i can be ready when my mom picks me up in the morning.