On the last day of our tour (before the day spent in the air) we left Lucerne and headed back to Frankfurt via the Black Forest. Our first stop was the Rhine Falls – a thunderously loud 70 foot-wide waterfall across the Rhine. We bought some chocolates in the gift shop and admired all of the fish in the shallows.

We stopped at the House of Black Forest Clocks and were greeted with glasses of cherry liqueur as we admired the giant cuckoo clock outside. If only I had a few thousand dollars to spare, I’d have bought one of the beautiful handmade cuckoo clocks, but instead I got gifts for friends and some liqueur. We had lunch in the cafeteria upstairs (where the handmade grandfather clocks are displayed) then were back on the road.

In Heidelberg we had a few hours to wander the city, Heidelberg Castle looking down at us from the hilltop. Mom and I walked through the streets and bought some snacks. The streets were very crowded and had a decidedly modern, London-y feel to me, after having spent so much time in older or more remote cities like St. Veit, Zermatt and Lucerne. We boarded the bus one last time and returned to the hotel in Frankfurt where we spent our first night in Germany.


thus concludes the over-a-year-long process of getting these photos prepared, tagged and posted. time for a drink.