today i work up early (6am) to meet arden, her mom and friends at the nordstrom fall makeup trend show. it. was. fabulous. we got lots of samples and tons of expensive things were raffled off (arden’s mom won a whole set of dior skin care products – the biggest-sized bottles and pots too! after the runway show we had appointments for individual consultations – i think everyone else did chanel (maybe one person did bobbi brown?) and i did shu uemura. levi did a great job – i received a lot of compliments – and was a sweetheart. i bought some products (actually got pretty good bang for my buck at shu) so i can hopefully replicate the look levi gave me – but toned-down, because this is not an everyday sort of thing. purple eyeshadow, false eyelashes, waaaay more blush than i would wear normally (which would be none), etc.

after our consultations we had lunch downstairs at the cafe. i’d never eaten there and my chicken artichoke salad was shockingly generous with the chicken and artichokes. i had more time to get to know arden’s friends and they’re fantastic.

now to preserve this makeup until terry’s birthday party tonight. except that…i woke up at 6am. and it feels like 6pm. i guess i’ll wedge some pillows around my head while i watch ‘angel’ and hope if i fall asleep (i will totally fall asleep) i don’t roll over and smear everything. that, or i’ll be hitting the red bull and vodkas pretty hard tonight.