mom: guess what we did today

kara: ?

mom: well, dad went in to help load some of jessy’s things to move down to peoria this morning at 9

mom: i was going to go in to help load the u-haul after i took grandma for her hair do

mom: but dad was done before i even took grandma

mom: sooooo – we went to look at the 09 toyotas and test drove one

mom: picked up lunch and then went to zimmerman’s to test drive & look at the civics


mom: we were just going to see what they could offer us with a trade in and ended up buying one!!

mom: the deal maker for buying the car was she threw in the mud flaps ($149) for free

kara: mud flaps were the deal maker?

kara: are you kidding me?

mom: not really – but we were ready to leave and she asked what would it take to buy it today

kara: ha

kara: and you said free mud flaps?

kara: which are only $150?

mom: well, it was a pretty good deal to begin with

mom: like i said – we really weren’t planning on buying a car today – it just kind of happened

kara: hm

kara: you ‘accidentally’ spent $15,000?

mom: kinda – maybe – sorta

kara: can you ‘accidentally’ spend $2000 on a new computer for me?

mom: LOL

kara: i mean you saved a ton of cash on those mud flaps…


mom: dad’s almost rolling on the floor