thursday: cameron made pumpkin pies and toasted pumpkin seeds. some people came over, and we watched ‘the nightmare before christmas’. yay!

friday: walked 5.5 miles around west hollywood and hollywood. went to pat & asa’s, went to glen & kristina’s, walked to the street party, crashed some house parties, walked all the way back to pat & asa’s. the weho street party was definitely a spectacle, but now that i’ve experienced it, i think i’m good for the next….forever. the ‘death note’ costumes turned out pretty great though, and i’m already excited for halloween next year.

saturday: was supposed to go to the dia de los muertos celebration at hollywood forever cemetery, but ended up spening the whole day and night at morgan’s boss’s house. pool, hot tub, giant tv, cute dogs, awesome tacos, pumpkin ale. it was like a mini vacation and i was so relaxed when i left. then i got rear-ended on sunset so the inner calm was pretty much blown.

sunday: had lunch with maria and meghan, hung out at maria’s and watched ‘true blood’, went to elaine’s for ‘gossip girl’ and cocktails. ended up shockingly drunk after one martini. drunk-texted a lot of people. watched one episode of ‘gossip girl’ 2.5 times because i kept losing track of what was going on. finally sobered up enough to drive home and collapse into bed.

today: totally hung over but excited because my new macbook is delivered today! i can’t wait to hold it and stroke it and mercilessly test that ultra glossy screen. i have 14 days to return it, and i’m really hoping that screen is not too bad of an annoyance. also today – have to review my propositions and measures booklet and figure out which ones i will yea or nay tomorrow. and renew my car insurance. also probably take a nap.