today i purchased my tickets for the holidays and OH MY GOD am i glad that’s over. so many variables. so complicated. but – i’ll be home for a week around christmas, fly to NYC on the 30th to hang out with travis for new year’s, then i fly back to LA on the night of the 1st. whew!

yesterday i knocked out another item from my Big List Of Things to Get Done, and now i just have smaller less terrifying things left to do.

oh! the weekend! i drove up to san francisco (well, oakland) friday night and came back sunday night. i ate tacos or burritos (or quesadilla with mole) for every meal except my last one there (because i was kind of mexican-ed out) and it was fantastic. i went to the new california academy of sciences museum and saw some neat fish and cockroaches and an albino alligator. i saw ‘repo! the genetic opera’ which was good, but not as campy as i thought it would be, and thus not as great as i thought it would be. ian drove up and i had lunch with mike and met his girlfriend. all around, a good trip. also i got to see zump. and was introduced to ‘world of goo’ for the wii. and got to fiddle with eric’s awesome a/v setup. and petted cats in eric’s courtyard. and saw adorable kittens in berkeley. so yeah. i’ll be back.