since i was right by the mall to see ‘quantum of solace’ anyway, tonight i took advantage of the 7 for $25 sale at victoria’s secret (usually it’s 5 for $25 – it’s like two pairs of underwear for free!). after i checked out, the guy at the register handed me my bag and:

me: oh no, i don’t need a bag – i’m going to a movie so i’ll just put the underwear in tissue in my bag.

guy at register: ok

[he takes the tissue-bunting-ed underwear out of the bag and puts the bundle on the counter]

guy at register: [friendly/proudly] here is your panty taco.

me: [wtf??] uhhhh well, it’s more like a burrito really…

guy at register: i guess it is! haha!

me: …[nervous laughter]

me: [exeunt]