ok so i’ve played through the first bit of bioshock…i think i’ve logged about 5 hours? and IT IS FANTASTIC. it is so so so cool. and i got all of these new plasmids (at first you only have one – electro bolt) including one that makes the big daddies follow you and protect you and it is like the best plasmid EVER. and i got a tonic that makes hacking bots easier so i’m hacking every machine i can find, but now i’m experiencing that weird thing that happens when, for example, you play too much tetris and everything you see looks like tetris – except that this is the pipe puzzle you get when you’re hacking a bot. every time i close my eyes i see it. i had dreams last night that were tangentially related to bioshock or horrible plastic surgery (makes sense if you’ve played the game) or art deco locations. i’m addicted. except – and here’s the thing that’s preventing me from just holing up and playing this game forever – i can only play it on pat & asa’s 360. so like, once a week, twice if i get lucky. which is frustrating, but also probably my salvation; this limitation may be what keeps me sane, people. if i disappear off the face of the planet, or you find me comatose and mumbling about the spider splicers, then you know it’s because asa has gone out of town, leaving the xbox free 50% more of the time, or i’ve found a way to break into their apartment while they’re at work and have chained myself to the tv.

and don’t even get me started on portal.