We started the day by watching the news, and we saw the most surreal weather forecast EVER. It was a 3D animation of dancing suns on the beach. And it lasted way too long. And behind them was Wilson the volleyball from ‘Cast Away’. I’m completely serious.

We dropped off our laundry at the place next door and bought a few groceries, then headed to Bar Britannico for lunch. I had a surprisingly good salami and cheese sandwich and split a raspberry tart with Cecile. We went to the internet cafe to look up some schedules and check email. I took the opportunity to call my Dad and wish him a happy birthday.

We took the subte to Abasto, the plan being to see the Guardel museum. Unfortunately it was closed that day so we made due with photos of the painted buildings in the neighborhood, and headed back to the giant Abasto mall for some bargain hunting. We bought a few things then took a taxi to el Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore in Barrio Norte.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid used to be a theater and then a movie house. The inside is gorgeous – quite the experience. We had a snack at the bookstore’s Impresso Café, which is situated on the stage. You can look out over the main stacks and see up into the dome and upper floors where the music and education books are shelved.

Back in San Telmo we picked up our laundry and grabbed a quick bite at Desnivel (I had delicious carne and pollo empanadas) before cabbing it to Café Tortoni in Microcenter. Tortoni is a big tourist attraction – tango shows and great atmosphere. The show was fun, but after seeing traditional tango up close, show tango seemed a bit vulgar and stilted

After the show, Cecile and I walked back down Calle Florida, stopping at a little artists’ market where Cecile bought a traditional painted sign. Then, at the end of Calle Florida near Galleria Pacifico, we caught the very very end of a performance by some young tango buskers.