last week mark sent me this mushroom soup recipe and i decided to give it a go. the first time i made it, it came out weird. the recipe says to use 1/4 cup sherry, but that is WAY too much sherry. i added a lot of milk to mellow it, and that made it palatable, but i was not pleased.

so, today i made the soup again and it is great! i used only 2 tablespoons of sherry and used 16oz of mushrooms (2 whole packages). i added probably 1 1/2 cups of milk at the end – just enough to balance the sherry so the soup is creamy and umami but has a little bit of tang around the edges. i added a couple shakes of salt and a lot of pepper (i love pepper)…and the soup is delicious! i would like to try it again, maybe with yogurt instead of milk to see what happens, and also try out some different kinds of mushrooms.