quick recap:

  • thursday was elaine’s birthday, so maria, elaine, april and i went to dinner at the great greek. the food was really good, and the live band and dancing was so much fun!

  • jodi had her holiday party friday night, and i met some really nice people! …and i bookended the party with about 5 hours of bioshock. pat and i were up until 4am and i’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear that when i was trying to get to sleep, every time i closed my eyes i could see the game. i had dreams about it, even. it was kind of awesome. and then? the puppet episode of ‘angel’. WHICH WAS AMAZING. puppet angel is ADORABLE.
  • today i met elaine and maria at the crepe place in the farmer’s market for lunch. the crepes were delicious. watching the guys make the crepes was even better.
  • i came home and tried to start packing (i fly to chicago tomorrow) but had a terrible headache, so instead passed out for 2+ hours. woke up with the headache and overall feeling like crap. (do i regret the 4am bioshock marathon? NO.) i took some tylenol and ate, and now i’m feeling fine, am dressed up, and ready to go dancing with maria and elaine for birthday celebration part 2! let’s hope i can balance having a good time with making sure i’m in good enough shape tomorrow to get ready to fly home.