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head/neck ache: check

overpriced junk food: check

rode every open rollercoaster in the park: check

Terry, Alex and I hit the Grilled Cheese Invitational and it was glorious. We ate so much and so many kinds of grilled cheese. Sorry there aren’t more photos – I was too busy stuffing my face. Mmmmmmmm.

i scrolled past this post on laist twice before i noticed the photo looked sort of familiar. see my photo in action here! check out the rest of the photos from my hike here.

I hiked from my apartment to the top of Mt. Hollywood, stopping at the Griffith Observatory and passing through the Berlin Forest on the way. The hike ended up being nine miles – about twice as long as I thought it would be.

One odd thing that happened: I had been sitting at the picnic benches at the top for about ten minutes when another girl walked up with her dog. Suddenly a swarm of insects flew right over and around us! They flew north to south, and it lasted for a full minute or more. We were both really freaked out – wondering if we got caught in some sort of Biblical plague or a horror movie or something!

Mysterious insect swarms aside, the view from the top of Mt. Hollywood is pretty spectactular – downtown, the Observatory from above, Glendale and the rest of the Valley…you can probably see out to the ocean on a clear day.

cat with baby possums!

laptop cat!

knew I should’ve booked those comic-con rooms last fall. knew it. why didn’t I?? *SIGH*

carrie fisher roasts george lucas at his AFI live achievement award dinner

in line in front of me at trader joe’s in silver lake. 90% sure it was the former hilary from ‘the fresh prince’.

as told by mike