usually the ‘unknown caller’ texts i’ve received since getting my LA number have been vaguely offensive – messages that have led me to believe that the former owner of this number switched it due to some fallout from her questionable lifestyle. but this is what i received a few minutes ago:

im selling a puppy for 150… its a miniature pinscher mixed with chihuahua if u want a pic let me know… i bought it but cant keep it where i live…

what do all of those ellipses mean?? is there some sort of veiled threat here – if i don’t take this allegedly real puppy, will said puppy be euthanized or sold to an underground dog fighting ring? maybe i am just hyper-sensitive to animal-selling schemes due to pet store/breeder horror stories, but for some reason, this text is really bothering me. it’s bothering me even more than the text that was just

[blushing face] [alien head] [sassy lips] [surprised eyes] [princess head] [angel head and wings] [red footprints]