last night i went with elaine to the warner bros. employee screening of ‘terminator salvation’ at the chinese theatre. the movie was pretty good despite having to sit in the third row, but i knew that getting out of the parking garage was going to be a nightmare. my solution? after i parted ways with elaine i made a bee line for beard papa’s at the hollywood & highland center. i carefully balanced my eclair cream puff as i paid for parking and rode the crowded escalators, and ate it while i sat in my car inching forward in the long line snaking up the garage ramps. it was glorious, and every time someone would walk past i’d be caught in the act of taking a big, messy, creamy, oozy, melted-chocolate-everywhere bite and i totally didn’t care. go ahead and stare, citizens! bet you wish YOU’D thought of this before you came all the way down to your car! the time in the line flew by. this will be my modus operandi for crowded parking garage exits from here on out.