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horse and otters are my favorites.

this kitten says ‘yum yum yum’ when it eats!

the turtle is my favorite.

olivia the cat conducts a little scientific experiment to see if the cat she sees outside is a different cat, or her own reflection.

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head over to to see the completed promo.

my previous post about the dr. bonesaw shoot.


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A fantastic day! Clayton and Maria paid for half of my pass as a thank you, and I had a great first trip to Disneyland. I got a ‘1st Visit’ button, and we had Mickey-shaped ice cream and rode it seems like EVERY ride – and more than once! I can’t wait to go back 🙂

INSANE! look at the detail on that pepper shaker top! the reflections! amazing!

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new time vampire: fun little draft-styled bike game.



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