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We ported in Lyttleton and took buses into Christchurch. Aunt Pat, Uncle Denny, Mom, Dad and I loaded into a little jetboat and had a hair-raising trip down the Waimakariri River, or the ‘Waimack’ as the locals call it. The boats only draft a few inches when they get going, so we skimmed along the shallow, rocky-bottomed river with no trouble, even though sometimes it _looked_ like we’d be in trouble! The pilot was really nice, and did a lot of 360°s for us. It. Was. Awesome! We also ran into some men scouting out the river for the annual race that starts in the Southern Alps and ends down the Waimakariri.

After jetboating we had tea and cookies up at the meeting house, then took a little bus tour of Christchurch.