You are listening to Los Angeles is a fantastic project Eric created. He combined LAPD police radio with some ambient tracks to create a soundscape that has caused at least one person two a lot of people to mention ‘Blade Runner’.

If you’d like more info about the project, or want to submit an original music track for the site, email Eric.

update 4: An iPhone/iPad app is in the works! Head over to Kickstarter and help take URL2.LA to the next level! Also – if you refresh your browser, you’ll see that Eric has added 12 new cities to the You Are Listening To family.

update 5: Eric was interviewed as the Kickstarter blog’s featured creator, and URL2.LA was featured in this week’s (Feb 10) Kickstarter newsletter.

screencap of the You Are Listening to Los Angeles website

update 3: Coverage in Japan! So This (or Sothis? No idea.) Also, an interview on Hyperallergic.

update 2: Boing Boing has posted a link to the newest ‘You are Listening to” site, You are Listening to Deep Thought.

update: the site has been linked to by the LA Times Tumblr, a bunch of other Tumblr users, Reddit (a couple times), Metafilter, the Daily What, it’s been posted on Nerdist, Boing Boing, LA Weekly’s blog, In Your Speakers, Buzzfeed, NBC LA’s blog, Dave Malkoff’s blog at KTLA (and also was featured during the March 28, 2011 10pm news broadcast, see below), Justine Bateman’s company Section 5’s blog,, and LAist, and it has been tweeted by many, including Andy Baio from Waxy, Hotwire, Rob Sheridan, Richard Metzger, Joel Johnson, Mark Morford, and Tony Hawk. Gapers Block linked to the Chicago site. You can read interviews with Eric on Gentleforce and the Atlantic Cities, and it has been ‘liked’ over 3000 4000 11,000 27,000 times on Facebook! Plus, as a side bonus, my Flickr page for that photo of Los Angeles has gotten almost 200 hits…in the mere 27 hours since the site has gone live!

Some comments/phrases from listeners: Michael Mann, ‘Heat’, gripping, fucking brilliant, ‘Homeworld’, Soul Coughing, weirdly compelling, poignant, and a former LAPD police dispatcher called it ‘a masterpiece’.