eric: jack* forwarded me some email from a guy rambling about [our awesome iPhone/iPad app] last week, as i guess it is my job to follow up with all potential biz-dev contacts even if they are kind of insane

kara: oh great

eric: anyway, this guy’s name was patrick stewart

kara: !

eric: so i just wrote back to jack and said “make it so”


eric: but i don’t think he got it

kara: I just cackled so loud my neighbors are probably scared

kara: still laughing

eric: anyway i guess i’ll have to write back to this guy

eric: maybe i can work some more star trek talk in there

kara: oh my god

kara: yes

kara: please bcc me

eric: “you must have set your email on stun because i am speechless!”


*not his real name