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Saddest poem ever.

If anyone knows who wrote this, please let me know so I can credit this appropriately.

eric braves the mist

Latourell Falls

Today in Petrology lab we looked at thin sections of micas, quartz, and chlorite. We also had some hand samples for reference. I couldn’t get the color right on this photo; the lepidolite is more lavender than this shows.


I was cleaning out my hard drive when I found all of the gorgeous waterfall/Mt. Hood/Timberline Lodge I took with my actual non-iPhone camera. Slowly getting them processed and posted over at Flickr, but here’s my favorite so far.

basalt and mist

Basalt columns and mist at Latourell Falls

washington monument

Listening to Barack Obama’s second inauguration speech, and remembering back to that freezing cold day four years ago when Mom and I jumped fences and barricades to find a spot overlooking the Mall, to listen to his first inauguration speech. Photos from Obama’s first inauguration.

Find Momo

Momo is hiding in every one of the photos on this delightful website created by Andrew Knapp

Momo around some old railroad ties
Momo at the flour mill