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not quite as adorable as yesterday’s kitten video, but still pretty awesome.


this video p0wns me.


i saw this video about trusted computing awhile ago but i forgot how a) awesome it is; and b) how cute that little guy in his wee bucket is.

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Chicago-based Eatdrink see an importance in creating work simply for the sake of creating. Their piece titled “The Cat State“…takes you through an abstract 3D world of charts and graphs leading into a laboratory and ending on a sliced half-image of a cat. It all happens very quickly but the imagery is beautiful and I particularly like the silhouetted trees. Much of the elements appear to be 2D placed in 3D space, lending a crisp and clean look. For further insight, check out an interview with the creator about the project on Motionographer.

also, check out their cool reel.

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this video for extra gum is…adorable. that donut is so cute. the banana and coffee? eeeee!


check out magnetosphere, one of robert hodgin’s processing-produced motion graphics pieces.

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best. show. ever. connecting to the internet with my mind drew me in. the rainicorn made me laugh out loud. petting penguins in mid-air sold me. i hope nickelodeon picks this up! algebraic!

secondary link in case it gets pulled from youtube (again).

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pay off at the end when the otters swim apart then one COMES BACK to hold hands again! i can now die happy. i love otters. the only beanie baby i bought for myself (why do i have a million of them?? it was like the default gift in jr. high and high school i guess?) was the otter. he is holding a little piece of seaweed in his paws made of felt. i cut the edge of the seaweed so it looked like he was nibbling on it.

chuck kraemer’s short video about firefly letterpress is a really good introduction to the process if you don’t know anything about it. please note the linotype and how slick he is with the paper on the jobbing press.

mirrored here in case the above video dies in coming months/years.

other letterpress stuff:

  • aug 2005: letterpress workshop weekend
  • may 2005 : sta/hamilton wood type workshop

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