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benadryl caplet

it’s allergy season. that means a lot of sneezing, watery eyes and every mucous membrane above my neck is on fire – itchy. as. hell. my eyes, my nose, the roof of my mouth, the back of my throat, my eustacian tubes, the corners of my mouth.

in the past, only benadryl has soothed my seasonal torment. unfortunately, benadryl also makes you – say it with me – PASS OUT. i can remember many days in high school when i would come home from school, my head one big itchy mess, and i would pop a couple benadryl, sit to watch animaniacs or oprah or whatever and the next thing i know i’m waking up curled on the couch in the dark at 8:30 with a blanket my parents threw on top of me.

allergy season has always meant a choice: do i grit my teeth and try not to scratch my face off or do i take the soothing benadryl, stop being itchy and oozy, but risk passing out in the middle of the day? usually i’ve chosen the former, but last week i could tell that things were going to bad this fall.

eric game me some walgreen’s knock-off alavert and that actually worked really well. i would take one when i woke up in the morning and completely forget about allergies all day. but at about 7-8pm it would start to wear off. i wanted to take another, but it’s supposed to be a 24 hour pill. and anyway, if i take another in the evening, i run the risk of it wearing off in the middle of the day. in retrospect, i probably should have just brought the wal-avert to work and dealt with it. instead, last night i decided to take a couple of benadryl before bed.

big mistake.

benadryl makes me pass out, but it must also messes with my brain so that i’m not actually getting any real rest. i remember lying down in bed and…a heartbeat later eric is asking me if i plan to get up since it’s already 7:45 in the morning. today i feel exhausted, like i’ve been awake for days. everything is fuzzy and i can’t really think about anything for very long before i want to shut down and nap on the floor. you know that feeling when you’re just on the edge of sleep when you are no longer aware of your body? that’s how i’ve felt all morning.

i’ve taken benadryl at night before without any ill effects the next day, but i guess mixing benadryl with the trace amounts of wal-avert in my system weren’t a good idea. also, i guess i’ve been feeling pretty stressed out lately, and i haven’t been running much. i’m looking forward to a quiet weekend with my parents away from the noise and pollution and bustle of the city.

andy wrote a great piece for STA’s website about the spring workshop at hamilton. there is a great photo gallery attached to the article where you can see the group’s prints and a lot of photographs from the weekend, some of them mine! woo! i’m a (web-)published photographer!

from STA’s homepage (the news & announcements tab), scroll down to ‘8-2-05 The Wood Type Workshop just keeps getting better!’

cover image: the golden mean

tonight i read the griffin & sabine trilogy straight through. it was breathtaking. the artwork is amazing and so detailed – even the handwriting is exquisite. the story is compelling and engrossing, told via their postcards and letters to each other, which are presented as real artifacts, complete with envelopes and separate loose pages. i am left with no choice but to order the continuation, the morning star trilogy. the end of the third book, the golden mean, was quite a cliff-hanger and i am eager to find out what happens next.

unfortunately, his other books that i intended to buy next, the forgetting room and the egyptian jukebox aren’t availiable through amazon for some reason.

the above image is from the cover of the golden mean.

red dragonflies textbook cover

the little girl in this illustration is how i imagine myself sometimes. this is a japanese language textbook cover, illustrated by taro miura. [courtesy drawn!]

check out treehugger, a site where you can find links to all kinds of cool, environmentally friendly stuff. there are some particularly awesome things in accessories, including circuit board organizers from biome, lokta paper journals and stationery sets from vickery and jimi, the non-wallet.

my birthday is in less than two weeks. how can this be? why is it that when you’re little you anticipate birthdays months in advance and now it’s like – my birthday? already?

i have no idea what to do for my birthday – i don’t really feel like celebrating, since it just feels like another year where nothing has really happened…just sort of maintaining, you know? well, my job situation is a whole lot better, but other than that everything is pretty much the same. and i’m a year older. a year closer to…being…older. or something. i know that 24 isn’t old, by any stretch of the imagination, but i guess i always thought that by the time i was in my mid-twenties (ugh) i’d have things more figured out.

why don’t i have things more figured out?

update: i bought myself a new ipod for my birthday.

update update: i’m feeling much better now, btw. a passing bit of panic, that’s all.

so hungry comic

eric gave me a link to this cool comic strip generator. you can see what others have created too. if you decide to make one, post a link to your strip in the comments!

my full size strip

today both qwantz and diesel sweeties really hit home. i also enjoy the scent of sharpies (and gasoline…and paint…and especially hardware/home improvement stores). and, i’m also finding myself more and more outraged by the price of clothes and food. remember when a decent plain ol’ shirt was only like five bucks? yeesh. what about stamps? and movie tickets??

touched by his noodly appendage

i think this is a religion we can all get behind. behold, flying spaghetti monsterism. i know i’ll be praying to His Mighty Meatera tonight. this is a pretty good example of how a wikipedia can be used for some questionable causes. no offense, monsterists. see full size image here

vaguely related: the museum of food anomalies. if you’re planning on eating lemons or hard-boiled eggs or eggplants ever again, i’d recommend staying away from this site. and now that i’ve said that i know that all of you will be running to see what the fuss is about.

update: 3D rendering of our noodly master

i finished the ‘his dark materials‘ trilogy last night, and it was AWESOME. it was so so good. i wish they wouldn’t make it into a movie though, because i can’t see how they can do so without compromising in some really big ways. now i’ve moved on to ‘thinking with type‘ by ellen lupton, a book about typography. at 5 pages in, i’ve already had at least 8 lightbulb-over-the-head moments.

i feel like i’m on the brink of some sort of early-life crisis. so much rides on so little…something has to give, you know? do i stay in chicago or no? go to grad school or no? be sensible or no? i wish i were one of those people that can be decisive and who have always known exactly what they want to do with their life. instead, i’ve never known, i can’t make any decisions and even worse, i’m so restless and my interests so broad that i’m pretty much bound to lose interest in anything and everything i do decide. i also have a sneaking suspicion that that’s my big problem right there – i’m too fickle. maybe nothing will ever hold my interest. argh.

anyway, i’ve done what i tend to do when i’m feeling down – i blew a bunch of money on things i don’t really need. i bought the whole first half of the six-part nick bantock griffin & sabine series, the jeff bridges photography book i’ve had my eye on for a few years and some quoins and a key. what am i going to use those quoins for? ostensibly for printing, but in reality – no fucking clue. all of these things: i saw them, they seemed cheap, i wanted them, so i bought them. why can’t everything in life be so easily gratifying?

view workshop photos.

the first weekend of august i was in two rivers, WI for the letterpress workshop taught by david wolske. in contrast to the first workshop i attended in may, which was more of a dive-in-and-print-throwing-caution-to-the-wind sort of affair, this was a step-by-step look at proper letterpress process and etiquette.

about half of the people who attended may’s workshop came back to two rivers for this workshop – jan, chris and jen came up too. it was good to see so many familiar faces and have more time to get to know everyone. early friday morning david and andy picked me up and we started the long (ok, not really) journey north. the drive was filled with good music and interesting conversation. i got the chance to get to know andy a little better and he is – for lack of a better phrase – good people.

we arrived in two rivers just after noon and went directly to the museum. david began setting up for the workshop, andy had his last hurrah printing the soon-to-be-old devil-may-care way and i took photographs. i borrowed mark’s digital SLR and lenses for the trip and managed to get off about 130 shots that afternoon alone. paul brown, david’s friend and professor from IU, was printing that day too. a lot of tourists came through the museum and a couple of them bought prints paul and david had produced.

after that, david let me observe/help him set up the manual inking SP15. i learned:

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eric: oh man, what’s andy dick doing on [the teen choice awards]? they shouldn’t let him near those kids. he’ll be pickin’ up on the girls. …or boys! …or both!!

kara: …is he gay?

eric: i…i think he’s a little bit country…and a little bit rock ‘n roll…

via one of my new favorite blogs, drawn!, i came across a guy by the name of steve wolfhard. he’s an animator/illustrator/cartoonist/drawer/whatever and he has some excellent sketches. he also has a weblog, and this one entry was so funny i actually snorted some of the soup i was eating up into my nose. it was tomato and it burned.

update: i just re-read this and against all possible reason…it made me hungry.

‘point break’ comes on right after csi and the opening credits begin:

[waves crash on a beach]

eric: hey, this movie starts just like ‘american history x’!

[cut to guy surfing]

eric: well…not now. but it would be great if they edited this into the beginning of ‘american history x’! desaturated it and slipped it in there…


i just noticed that i’ve hit 1001 photos posted to flickr. for those of you that aren’t quite as hopeless as me, let me point out that 1001 is all ones and zeros. it’s binary. converted to the decimal system it equals ‘9’.

nerd, party of one?

p.s. – i like how the title of this entry is all numbers and if you have the proper font for my h3 tags, the numbers are slightly shorter and the tail on the 9 descends below the baseline. hm, if only i knew of some typography nerds who read this website and could tell me the proper terms for all of this…

i’m not saying i except tech support people to be gods. i don’t expect them to know everything about everything. but when i go to a tech support guy at a hosting company with a question, the last thing i expect to get in return is the dude asking me how i figured out what my php config settings were in the first place.


i mean, maybe the guy just doesn’t know php. maybe he’s more into like, the intricacies of IIS or apache or asp.NET or something. actually what i mean is: i hope php isn’t his normal milieu, because if it is, this hosting company has to rethink its hiring practices. isn’t looking at your php config pretty much a programming basic? you know, along the lines of reading out the values of an array or writing a loop or looking at the source of a webpage? fellow nerds? am i right?

update: the guy admits he’s not a php expert, then proceeds to tell me that his superior says OperationX just flat-out doesn’t work in the way that i said it does. in the way that i KNOW it does, since it works on two other servers at two other completely different hosting companies. the best he can muster is that maybe those other companies are using an older version of php. they’re not, it’s the same, and one of the first things i checked. then he tells me that they don’t support ‘coding issues.’ am i talking to myself here? the EXACT SAME THING works on at least TWO INDEPENDENT SERVERS at TWO DIFFERENT HOSTING COMPANIES.

so thanks for nothing, tech support. guess i’m moving the client to a different hosting company. you do not live up to your company’s name.