i finished the ‘his dark materials‘ trilogy last night, and it was AWESOME. it was so so good. i wish they wouldn’t make it into a movie though, because i can’t see how they can do so without compromising in some really big ways. now i’ve moved on to ‘thinking with type‘ by ellen lupton, a book about typography. at 5 pages in, i’ve already had at least 8 lightbulb-over-the-head moments.

i feel like i’m on the brink of some sort of early-life crisis. so much rides on so little…something has to give, you know? do i stay in chicago or no? go to grad school or no? be sensible or no? i wish i were one of those people that can be decisive and who have always known exactly what they want to do with their life. instead, i’ve never known, i can’t make any decisions and even worse, i’m so restless and my interests so broad that i’m pretty much bound to lose interest in anything and everything i do decide. i also have a sneaking suspicion that that’s my big problem right there – i’m too fickle. maybe nothing will ever hold my interest. argh.

anyway, i’ve done what i tend to do when i’m feeling down – i blew a bunch of money on things i don’t really need. i bought the whole first half of the six-part nick bantock griffin & sabine series, the jeff bridges photography book i’ve had my eye on for a few years and some quoins and a key. what am i going to use those quoins for? ostensibly for printing, but in reality – no fucking clue. all of these things: i saw them, they seemed cheap, i wanted them, so i bought them. why can’t everything in life be so easily gratifying?