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was designed to erode down to its ideal shape in 30,000 years. engineering!

no embarrassing incidents!

when sound makes light!

perhaps the oldest in australia, this rock painting shows an extinct bird, the genyornis.

see it here!

a visual representation of the earth’s geologic timeline, including aspects of ancient geology we live with in the present day.


check out these fantastic photos my roommate took this weekend on a road trip through death valley!

play here.

more awesome photos of eyjafjallajökull here.

I won runewars! by a lot! in the 5th season! I can now be content that I’ve won the game once; doesn’t matter if I never do again :)

eric sent me this – blog has a similar name, and the story is totally like my childhood up until the part where things take a serious turn for the worse.

article here, begin playing here.

4.4 in pico rivera (about 18 miles from me) about 10 minutes ago!

this is the kind of thing that makes me so proud to live in california.