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robyn sent me this. he says he’s unlucky in love! I’M RIGHT HERE.

are magazine subscriptions a window to the soul?

i saw this delightful tweet on nathan fillion’s feed and was similarly touched:

Saw a little girl touch a big bug and shout, “I conquered my fear! YES!” and calmly walk away. I was inspired.

here’s to a wonderful year full of new opportunities and surprises!

if this is true, i will never erase this episode from my tivo. ever.

one reason, anyway. after i looked at our australia/new zealand trip itinerary:

me: wow this is so expensive

me: i owe you forever

mom: naw

mom: you’re worth it

mom: 🙂

mom: you might go back there some day – but i doubt if we will

me: i don’t know if i will – it’s so far away!

mom: i’m sure nathan (your future husband) will want to go there

mom: fillion