this is the part of the show where i vent my concerns, talk about my interesting (ha!) day, etc. supposedly. we’ll see how long this lasts. anyway, here are my current (and inevitably petty) complaints:

  1. why does pubweb only give out 4MB of space per user? i mean i guess i know why from a logical standpoint, but come on. FOUR MEGABYTES?! who are they kidding? so far i’ve gotten two of my friends to set up pubweb accounts so i can use their space too. then there’s the annoyance of making sure all those links work across the accounts.
  2. it annoys me when the tv guide says one thing will be on but then it isn’t. damn the man.
  3. why can’t i grow about 4 more inches? then i could avoid the inevitable pants alterations that have always plagued my existence. i can’t stand trying on clothes in the store, much less putting them on again to be measured. and did i mention that i absolutely hate shopping? i just want to get in and get out as fast as possible with what i came to buy. and i quote: “this dress exacerbates the genetic misfortune that is my life.”
  4. today my grandma informed my mother and i that she had found a little piece of “computer” and wanted to know if it was ours………..wha??
  5. ~kara