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hyperbolation will be down/look funny/be downright ugly over the next day or so as I migrate to a new WP theme. new year; new look!

update: redesign is mostly done – please post in the comments if something looks weird. also, I’ve decided 2011 is the year where I will stop not capitalizing the first word on my sentences. I’m going to be 30 soon; time to be an adult. …but I’m still not giving up my Blue’s Clues blanket. [middle fingers in the air; runs away]

the ‘tweet’ link is right next to the facebook link. now i will go back to welcoming myself to the 21st century.

i added little facebook share links to the site – you can find the little facebook icon next to the comments option (on individual entry pages the icon link is in the info paragraph after each entry – couldn’t find a better place to put it). if it’s not working or the icon link itself looks really horrendous in your browser, please let me know. it’s after 3am and i’m not in the mood right now to check cross-browser styling. next up: twitter links.

update: noticing that on some page refreshes the facebook icon does not appear, and instead you can see the link text. annoying, but not annoying enough for me to fix it.

many years of never-ending comment spam forced me to close comments on my site, so i finally decided to make the switch to wordpress. hopefully nothing is broken or weird looking, but if it is, please let me know in the comments. any links to the old version of this site will be redirected as they come up, so don’t worry about those unless they’re still 404ing after a week or so.

i know a lot of you are disappointed to see the old site design go, but hopefully the increased speed, flexibility, and ability to comment and search will make up for it. perhaps i will reinstate the old design, or come up with a new custom design in the future, but for now – baby steps. let’s make sure this new architecture is stable first 🙂

update: i’ve tweaked the design a bit to change the format of shorter entries and display the time of each post. some other little changes here, but mostly nit-picky stuff that only i would notice.

…due to insane levels of spam. will resume normal operation in a week or so.


update: this thing is awesome. i’m totally using it forever. the end.

i posted a few links, including some new favorites. as always, a plug for my friends at good night, tv! – i’m wearing this shirt right now and it’s soooo soft and sooo cute.

welcome to Hyperbolation v4.0!

some basic housekeeping changes and of course, new graphics. if things look really messed up, then try emptying your browser cache and hitting ‘reload’ a few times. note that all AV Club content has been moved to the index page. I also finally wrote myself a CMS for the AV Club so I don’t have to cut and paste links anymore!

known issues:

  • flickr photostream badge does not display properly in some versions of Internet Explorer. i am pretty bummed about this, but not as bummed as i’d be if it didn’t display in a browser that actually behaved properly in general. if you can’t see the flash badge to the right under ‘photostream’, perhaps this would be a good time to…

    1. get the latest version of IE, or
    2. get Firefox
  • spacing is a little wacked out in Firefox, but nothing i can’t live with.
  • AV Club image headers do not center-align in PC IE 5.5
  • code and blockquote tags don’t work properly in Firefox, but i hear this is a Firefox issue that is to be addressed in the next upgrade or so.

if you notice anything else, please let me know. i’ll put a little bug reporter link in the av club section as well.

update: for file path, change only the extension. i re-added in the ‘archives’ part of the url path.

i’ve migrated over to dreamhost. i was lured in by the 4.8 gigs of storage space (useful for FTP!). so far i’m pretty disappointed by how not-awesome their control panel is, especially compared to verve‘s. i already miss verve and feel a bit guilty for abandoning them…but i guess they should’ve offered me 4 gigs of space, huh?

anyway, please let me know (in the comments here) if anything doesn’t work – broken links, weird characters instead of accented ‘e’s or whatever. also, if anyone has linked to my individual entries in the past, you should change the link from

– to-

(or the equivalent).