so last night we watched lotr: the two towers at our apartment. a bootleg of course. it was pretty decent…lots of artifacting and funky sound, but still all the hotness you can handle….or can you? oh, there was also a gap in the middle where i’m guessing the dv tape ran out or the camera battery died. so basically you never see aragorn get thrown over the cliff – it cuts from the middle of the battle to the men arriving at helm’s deep. then gimli says that aragorn fell and those who haven’t seen the real movie are thinking, ‘he WHAT?!’ then later you see him floating down the river and it’s even more confusing for those poor people. oh well. guess you should have paid the $8 to see it in the theater, eh? the best part of the bootleg was that the case was all professional looking – except the top said “widscreen collection.” yeah. wid. that’s how i like it.

just finished talking to my mom…she felt icky this morning so she took a fiorinal…yeah. she’s a little loopy today. all that caffeine and butalbital. did i mention she’s a teacher’s aide for kindergarten? watch out kids!

i bought paper last night for my relief printmaking class…i think it’s too thick. i think i totally screwed myself with my linocut design. why can’t i just half-ass it and turn out substandard work?! oh right…i have like, standards and stuff. and those two papers i have write this weekend…riiiight. no idea. so if you have ideas for a comparative idealisms or comparative trinitarianisms paper (or a good spring break plan), email me!