i have once again proved my lifetime membership in the sacred order of nerdity: yesterday i identified the etymology of tengwar (elvish to you non-nerds out there…i just keep getting lamer and lamer) and today i identified a quote from “the Game” – David Fincher’s best film in my opinion.

tonight is the 3rd part of round one of american idol. yes, my roommates have gotten me hooked on american idol, whereas i’ve gotten them hooked on alias. this feels like an uneven trade. tomorrow i think meghan and i (and hopefully all of you…all one of you who probably read this) are hitting the century to see “confessions of a dangerous mind.” finally. since our first attempt on saturday failed.

still trying to figure out this whole spring break thing…thinking it’s going to be me and meghan sitting in our apartment for a week while i edit “the caseys.” ideas? that are cheap i mean? and not stupid? let me know!

thanks again to holly for lending me her pubweb space. i love that girl.